Nicholas Galitzine


Jacket & top by BLK DNM. Trousers by TOPMAN.

Have you ever won a contest unrelated to acting?
I have won a few competitions most of which were related: I went to a very serious sporting school, Dulwich College, so I ended up competing in national rugby, football and athletics competitions. Although I would have to say my proudest competition winning would have to have been my glorious victory in my first egg and spoon race aged 5.

Being a writer & performer of music as well as an actor, would you rather be able to memorize your lines in one read or would you rather never forget a song or lyric idea again?
Memorise lines “in one read” for sure! In my opinion the most important thing for us as actors is the portrayal of the character and the way they feel and so you would be able to get to that a lot quicker. Song lyrics are usually so intertwined with melody it’s actually quite hard to forget.



Would you rather collaborate on a song with a producer of your choosing or star in a film with a director of your choosing?
I would have to say I would prefer to work with a director of my choosing. I think I have much more of an acute sense of taste when it comes to directors. For me, music has always been more of an introspective activity, and what I listen to is usually quite inconsequential as long as it makes me feel something. And therefore when I play it’s usually about something I feel, whereas with film it’s about how other people, other characters feel, which I find much more intriguing.

Have you ever watched an entire season of a television show in less than 24 hours?
So I’m one of these heathens who hasen’t signed up for a Netflix subscription. When I went to LA for the first time, I was staying with a friend, who lo and behold had a Netflix subscription. I felt it would be unwise of me NOT to make full use of this subscription so when he was out at work I watched an entire season of The Office – about 20 episodes long. And they say actors aren’t productive.

Did you have any childhood heros?
My first hero was the great English rugby player Jason Robinson. I remember being in such awe about the way he moved – stepping from side to side… he was ALWAYS the most difficult player to tackle. I tried to base my whole style on him, ducking in and out between my family as they set the table for dinner. Then as I grew up I started getting into film and music. The first ‘grown up’ film I watched was Top Gun. My Dad being a pilot, must have hoped this education would maybe steer me down the career path of aeronautics. My love for music really began when I started listening to Queen. I fell in love with the way Freddie Mercury performed, the theatrics, the sense of euphoria he created. An all round first class entertainer. My last hero is Orlando Bloom. When we went on holiday to visit family in Greece the only film we took was The Lord of the Rings and I was so in awe of his performance as Legolas. Even after the 10th viewing I hadn’t had enough. And, apparently Greek TVs have a slow-mo feature. On my last trip to LA I actually found myself eating dinner opposite Mr Bloom. BUT I didn’t have the courage to go up and speak to him, all I could mutter under my breath was, “They’re taking the Hobbits to Isengard”.

If you could pick one person to narrate your life, who would you pick?
It would be so easy to say Morgan Freeman. The only man who could perhaps challenge Morgan’s dulcet tones is the Great Barry White – “Oooooh yeh”.


Sweater by TOM FORD.

What was the first trip you took without any family?
School trips to Spain. I would like to say my parents paid for a very educational and character building trip. Spanish Girls.

Would you rather have a role in a Star Wars film or a super hero film?

Those who know me know that I am perhaps one of the biggest Stars Wars nerds (ask me about a certain theory about Supreme Leader Snoke and a deceased Sith Lord). Stars Wars by a country mile.

If you could spend one year as a high-level professional in any industry, what would you pick? I.E. if you picked ‘footballer’ you wouldn’t be Messi all of a sudden – you would play for a team in the bottom 10, but you wouldn’t be embarrassingly bad.
Well if I would be incompetent at any job I would love to be an incompetent astronaut. Though it would probably get me killed, I have a deep fascination with space and the secrets of the universe.

What is your most visited website?
YouTube. One video of a talking dog and I’m done for hours.

What is your least favourite holiday?
Holidays within the borders of the United Kingdom. I’m an adventurer at heart and I need to see the world.

Your car breaks down on a country road and it is a three hour walk back to town. Would you rather have: a friend for company or a fully charged music playing device & headphones?
It’s a very close contest between my best mate and singing the soundtrack to Tenacious D all the way home. Friends can only be interesting so for long.

If you had to give up meat or alcohol for a year, which would you pick?
I feel we could all potentially benefit from a few less Sunday mornings feeling like crap so I’m gonna give up alcohol. Not in real life, just in this.

What is your favourite film sequel of all time?
Star Wars: Return of the Jedi. That Ewok party looked mental. Talk about hangovers.

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Nicholas Galitzine can be seen now in High Strung.

As told to Paul Vaughan for TPJ
Creative Director & Photographer: Jessie Craig
Stylist: Christopher Preston
Grooming: Jennie Roberts using Ojon & Origins