Morfydd Clark


Coat by A.W.A.K.E. Dress by ISABEL MARANT.

You’ll soon be appearing in Interlude in Prague about Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Discounting Mozart, which child prodigy do you find most fascinating?
Rimanujan or William Gadoury, the 15-year-old Canadian boy who discovered a lost Mayan city using Google Maps.

Describe your taste in music by way of a film soundtrack.
Thelma and Louise



Cast your favourite Shakespeare play with a contemporary cast/ director.
A Midsummer Night’s Dream:
Puck – Patsy Ferran
Oberon/ Theseus – Idris Elba
Titania/ Hippolyta – Hayley Atwell
Helena – Lydia Leonard
Hermia – Anna Kendrick
Demetrius – Simon Manyonda
Lysander – Sope Dirisu
Bottom – Michael Sheen
Peter Quince – Julian Barratt
Francis Flute – Matthew Beard
Director – Hamish Pirrie

When you want to consciously make an adjustment to your performance, do you generally find it easier to make a physical alteration or an emotional one? Or is it a stupid question because they are utterly interconnected and I’ve wasted precious bandwidth?
If I feel I need to make an adjustment to the character that I’m playing I feel it is almost always informed by the other actors onstage. I think physicality is a massive window into the emotional life of the character so I find physical changes can unearth emotional ones that would otherwise not be unlocked.

What’s something you discarded that you wish you hadn’t?
I wish I hadn’t thrown away loads of sketches I’d done of school friends as I would love to look at them now

What’s something about your life or the world right now that would blow your 12 year-old mind? (In a good way!)
Facetime! When I was 12 my best friend moved to Sheffield and I missed her so much.

If you could time travel into the audience of any 20th century performance of a Shakespearean play, which play would you pick and who was in the cast?
Anthony Sher as Richard III.

Put your iTunes or music playing device on shuffle, then switch to the next song… What is the song, and when/ where did you first hear it? What time in your life does it remind you of?
Magnetic Fields – Love Is Like a Bottle of Gin. It reminds me of sitting on the barrage in Cardiff in the summer drinking WKDs with my friends.


Jumper by CARVEN. Skirt by ROCHAS.

What is something arguably trivial that you have come to realize makes you very competitive?
Every board game!

Assuming it is well past the statute of limitations, what was the first rebellious act you remember committing?
Pouring glue over the stationery cupboard in the classroom at school because I was sent to the back and not allowed to do arts and crafts.

King Lear: a timeless, masterful work of literature/ performance or an over-elaborate argument for vasectomies? In that same vein, how could one frame one of Shakespeare’s other works?
Romeo and Juliet – always check the other person’s dead before you kill yourself.

Want more? Watch our behind-the-scenes film.

Morfydd Clark can be seen in King Lear, on now until 3 December 2016 at the Old Vic, London (UK).

As told to Paul Vaughan for TPJ
Creative Director & Photographer: Jessie Craig
Stylist: Francesca Turner
Hair: Yusuke Morioka
Makeup: Nicola Moores-Brittin


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