Ruth Bradley

(L) Dress by ROSETTA GETTY. (R) Dress & skirt by CARVEN.

You’ve recently appeared in Humans, the highly acclaimed television series depicting a contemporary world with sophisticated android (Synth) servants. If in real life robots took over, how would you make yourself useful to our automated overlords?
I would write some poetry. The ramblings of a lesser being might be amusing to them considering they wouldn’t have much else use for us. Scary prospect.

Where is your favorite place or type of place to people-watch?
Coffee shops all over London.

What science fiction film did you find the most ‘realistic’ either in terms of the basic concept or the depiction of its ideas?
Her. Similarly to Humans, it felt based in a tangible reality and the themes of love; What is love? Is love defined by consciousness? Who is anybody to judge one persons love for another? are universally relevant. Joaquin Phoenix was so subtle and heartbreaking, as always.

What’s the longest amount of time you’ve spent waiting for something?
I spent 14 hours overnight one freezing January waiting for a connecting flight in Atlanta airport. There was a blizzard outside and the door was broken, letting snow in. I put on every piece of clothing I had in my carry on (which wasn’t much) to keep warm. At one point I considered taking a blanket out of a bin. We had to keep an eye on updates every 15 minutes so as not to miss the flight. A cold freezing night.

What is something you recently did for the first time and/ or what is something you did for the last time?
I recently judged a window competition, first time for everything. A few weeks ago I had a party where I made everyone espresso martinis. I ignored the measures after a while so between the coffee and vodka nobody slept too well and everyone had very sore heads the next day. I’ll never ignore measures again.


What is the longest amount of time you’ve spent traveling between from one place to another?
I walked from the south of France to western Spain. On foot it took about 22 days.

What’s a film you didn’t understand or downright disliked upon first viewing and is now a favorite?
I didn’t understand David Lynch’s Lost Highway when I first saw it but it is a favourite. I still don’t think I understand. I feel that way about most of his films. I don’t know that they’re meant to be understood, maybe they’re designed to move. They always do and they are amazing.

What’s something you said or thought you would never do that you ended up doing?
Karaoke. I thought I’d be too embarrassed but the right group of friends in the right private booth and it’s hard to beat.

What was the first television show you would never miss an episode of?
Band of Gold. It was re-run when I was a kid and I was definitely too young to watch it but I wouldn’t miss it. A lot of it went over my head but I remember being disturbed, fascinated and utterly mesmerised by Samantha Morton.

Where is your current ‘go-to’ place to read scripts for the first time? 
These days it’s on the move, on tubes, on trains, in transit. It’s actually a great way to gauge my interest in a script. If you miss your stop or completely forget where you are, you know you’ve fallen in love.

Want more? Watch our behind-the-scenes film.

Ruth Bradley can be seen now in season 2 of Humans on Channel 4 (UK) and season 3 of The Fall on Netflix (US).

As told to Paul Vaughan for TPJ
Creative Director & Photographer: Jessie Craig
Stylist: Francesca Turner
Hair: Yusuke Morioka using Bumble and bumble
Makeup: Nicola Moores-Brittin


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