Eoin Macken


Name three different skills or facts you learned from any three roles – regardless of how useful they are.
Horse riding – excellent for adventure holidays and pretending that you can converse with animals. (Merlin)
Actors will let you photograph them but only if you pester them into submission. (Resident Evil)
I do not have the skill set to be a real doctor. (The Night Shift)

Would you rather be able to read and write in any language except for English, or speak fluently in any language except for English?
French. I used to speak it quite well, but now it’s atrocious. I have always wanted to work on a film in French, in Paris. I love French art and literature and wish I could explore it more.

What was the last scene in a movie you rewatched, without rewatching the entire film?
The Last of the Mohicans – when Day Lewis and his father, Chingachgook, are chasing after Magua and then kill him on the top of the waterfall. Epic sequence.

The Resident Evil film series is adapted from a video game that was first released more than twenty years ago. If you could choose one invention from the past twenty years to possess for a zombie apocalypse type scenario, what item/ invention would you select? (It can be for purpose or pleasure, it’s your apocalypse!)
Have we progressed with technology to be better equipped for the doomsday zombie apocalypse yet? I guess it would have to be some sort of full body lightweight mesh suit that can’t be bitten through. There must be something like that floating around.

What is something you’d like to learn one day and something you’d like to teach one day?
I want to learn how to fly and get a microlight airplane, then teach somebody how to fly it with me so we could travel and I could sleep sometimes.

(L) Jumper by ALLSAINTS. (R) Coat by PETER WERTH. Jumper by ALLSAINTS.

What is your reflexive ‘safe choice’ when it comes to picking a movie to watch?
I don’t have one, I usually go off recommendations or from seeing the poster, or if I know somebody involved in the film. But generally anything with Vincent Cassel is a winner.

What is something that you used to avoid but now seek out or thrive upon, and something you now avoid but used to seek out?
I used to try and avoid public speaking, or live interviews but I’m beginning to enjoy it more – I don’t like being the centre of attention, it makes me uncomfortable. I am very social, and like being around people a lot, but I find myself seeking solitude more and more.

Have you ever had a ‘I’m too old for this’ or a ‘I’m too young for this moment’, and what was it regarding?
I never want to have a ‘I’m too old for this moment’, unless it comes to eating play dough, but I’m definitely too young to be a father.

If you could read the letters of correspondence between any two people in history, whose would you read?
Alexander the Great and Roxane.

What was a choice you’ve made that was the most difficult to explain to anyone else? Either as a character or just as yourself in life.
Why I wanted to move country and explaining that to somebody. As a character, it would have been in The Night Shift and for TC to tell Jordan that he needs to leave and go back to being a war medic for a while.

If you could pick any film character to be your companion in a zombie apocalypse, what character would you pick? Qualifications: cannot be supernatural or immortal.
Batman, cos he would have the toys to solve all that shit.

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Eoin Macken can be seen in Resident Evil: The Final Chapter, in cinemas now globally.

As told to Paul Vaughan for TPJ
Creative Director & Photographer: Jessie Craig
Grooming: Samantha Cooper


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