Anders Hayward


What was the most interesting location you filmed at for Gap Year?
It’s hard to pick just one place, because everywhere we shot was different, but I really did love Kathmandu. It was just a completely bonkers place with everything happening at a million miles per hour. Buildings being rebuilt, motorbikes and cars everywhere. Also just the people were so lovely and positive. It really felt like a properly old place filled with a lot of history.

Jacket by NOOSE & MONKEY. Jumper by PAUL & JOE.

Out of your favorite films, which do you think would be the best and worst choice to screen for a date?
One of my favourite films is Dead Man’s Shoes by Shane Meadows and as incredible as it is, its definitely a film you have to be mentally prepared for. It was the first film I cried at and it just makes me sad every time I watch it. I don’t think the old yawn, arm round trick would work during that film.

What do you wish never got dirty or worn down through time?
I have a few pairs of shoes that I wish could last me an eternity that are looking a little battered at the moment, but I refuse to give them up.

Is it harder to tell a white lie that you then have to keep up on an ongoing basis or to tell someone a blunt and uncomfortable truth?
I am a terrible liar, which is probably for the best because I feel my brain would probably explode through guilt. Even though the truth can be hard sometimes I just feel that honesty is the best policy.

What did (or do) you find the most difficult act or exercise to practice?
I have and probably will always be a disorganised wreck of a human. I just never seem to be able to retain any important information, but oh of course the most useless and banal facts are stuck to my brain like barnacles. (Slugs have 4 noses.)

What’s the best or most memorable insult you’ve heard?
I’ll have to take this one from Monty Python, but it was “your mother was a hamster and your father smells of elderberries”.

Jumper by SELECTED HOMME. Jeans by LEVI’S.

You can only eat food starting with the first letter of your first name or your last name, which letter/ food do you select?
I think I’m going with H because ham and haddock are things that I could probably live off.

What is a question that you don’t want to know the answer to?
When will the day come when I finally feel old. (Shivers)

If you had to listen to any (3 minute minimum) song 10,000 times in a row while awake, which song would you pick? Let’s say your auditory sacrifice would remedy world hunger and poverty!
I would definitely try to not go too sad and depressing. I Love You, Honeybear by Father John Misty is a fantastic song that just has everything you need for all listening occasions.

What seemingly benign film, book, or concept scared or unsettled you?
I remember watching Black Swan for the first time thinking it would be a chick flick. Oh how I was very wrong indeed. I was not prepared for it at all.

What was something that you found was way harder than it looked and something way easier than it looked?
Skateboarding was insanely harder than people make it out to be. I look at people do things on skateboards like it’s nothing, but I can barely push on the bloody thing. However I would say that I find myself most surprised in the kitchen. Things that look like it can only be created by magicians and people in tall white hats, but if you just stick to a recipe usually it works out just fine.

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Anders Hayward can be seen in Gap Year, now online on E4 On Demand (UK).

As told to Paul Vaughan for TPJ
Creative Director & Photographer: Jessie Craig
Stylist: Indigo Goss
Grooming: Lillie Russo


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