Nathaniel Martello-White

As well as performing you are experienced in writing, directing and producing. In what position is it most difficult for you to find or assess the ‘right’ character in auditions ?
When casting your own material it always takes time and can be difficult. My feeling is, that’s where the directing process begins, establishing a cast who will make your job easier.

If you could have a photograph of anyone in history at any age, who would you select?
Bob Marley

Who has been your most enjoyable person to act with so far?
Carey Mulligan

Discounting weapons and physically dangerous material, what do you wish hadn’t been invented?
The stock market!

When did you learn the most about a particular creative art (writing/ directing/ acting) without actually doing it or practising at?
I guess you’re absorbing things all the time, the more you learn about yourself and the people around the more nuanced your stories and characters.

What film gets funnier every time you watch it?
Barton Fink

If you could direct or write or star in a film about any historical story, what would you pick and what would you do?
I’d make a surrealist war movie about the forgot West Indian and African soldiers who fought in World War II to help defeat the Nazis to know real avail. A Full Metal Jacket with a Brexit edge lol

Your short film Cla’am explores the gentrification of London. What is the biggest positive and/ or negative result of gentrification that you’ve witnessed in the city?
Gentrification makes a place safer for sure, but it also creates a sort of zoo culture where there is no real inclusion or respect for the existing culture.

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Nathaniel Martello-White can be seen in People, Places & Things, on now until 19 November 2017 at St. Ann’s Warehouse, NYC (USA).

As told to Paul Vaughan for TPJ
Creative Director & Photographer: Jessie Craig
Grooming: Helen Asher



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