Georgina Campbell

Dress by TEMPERLEY. Jacket by TOPSHOP. Shoes by JIMMY CHOO.

If you had to live a year in any city in the world that you haven’t yet been to, where would you live?
Tokyo, I would love to visit Japan!

What is a film or a performance that you feel was ahead of its time?
Katherine Hepburn and Ginger Rogers in Stage Door, the chemistry between those two in that film is electric! It’s such a fantastic film with such a strong vibrant female cast, great female lead films are still too rare in this day and age they definitely managed to crack it in 1937!

If you could own any original piece of art in the world what would you pick?
Dream Caused by the Flight of a Bee Around a Pomegranate a Second Before Awakening
-Salvador Dali
I remember seeing this piece in a book when I was about 15 doing art and school and becoming completely obsessed with it. It’s absolutely gorgeous.

What is the last thing you became a bit obsessed with? 
I listened to the entire podcast The Butterfly Effect with Jon Ronson over about 3 days recently. Its a fantastic look into the moment porn became free to watch online and how that has effected both the industry and society, it’s so interesting I recommend it!

Who do you think is the best you’ve ever seen at what they do?
My Dad, half the time I’m not actually sure what he does! But he works incredibly hard and is a very very skilled computer forensic examiner, I’m always very amazed at his work ethic and how much effort he puts into his job.

(L) Top by TOPSHOP. Trousers by VILSHENKO. (R) Top & trousers by OSMAN.

What’s the last thing you learned?
Patience, I think I’m constantly learning and trying to remind myself to be patient!

Has a film ever compelled you to completely re-evaluate your opinion of someone’s career?
Probably most recently Jordan Peel’s Get Out. I knew he was a great comedian but it was a delightful surprise to see what a insanely talented director he is. That’s definitely made my list of all time favourite films.

When was the last time you were challenged by something far more than you expected?
I’m currently filming a show called Krypton and I’m playing Lyta Zod who is unashamedly badass! That has meant a lot of physical training and stunt work which is all new to me and has been a huge challenge. I’ve really enjoyed it but it’s been very hard and gruelling, the stunt team are amazingly patient and just fantastic so they’ve been guiding me well. It’s good to challenge yourself, you can’t rest on your laurels!

You’ll soon be appearing in Black Mirror, a series that adeptly dissects the burdens that can follow modernity and technological advancement. What is an innovation that you hope happens as soon as possible and would have no (foreseeable) negative repercussions?
I would imagine the ability to create really great tasting food without using crops or animals would be a fantastic invention. A way of making food without creating environmental problems attributing to global warming would be groundbreaking.

Want more? Watch our behind-the-scenes film.

Georgina Campbell can be seen in Black Mirror from 29 December on Netflix (worldwide).

As told to Paul Vaughan for TPJ
Creative Director & Photographer: Jessie Craig
Stylist: Holly Ounstead
Hair: Fabio Norgueira
Makeup: Gigi Hammond


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