Ophelia Lovibond


(L) Top by SHAO YEN. (R) Dress by NICOLE BRINDLE.

Would you rather give up your music or your film library?
Oh God, what a horrendous dilemma! I reckon I’d give up my film library because I can remember more vividly and conjure more easily the stories I’ve seen than the music I’ve heard. Plus you can’t dance to The Deer Hunter the way you can to Funkadelic.

What do you find incredibly boring despite knowing that it’s worthwhile?

What is a trait or surface-level characteristic that you take as an indicator of some part of a person’s character?
Whether or not they like dogs. (A wide berth if they dislike, obviously.)

What website do you spend the most time on? Discounting search engines and social media.
The Guardian (including the Crossword to which I am addicted).

If you could only have access to pop-culture before you were born or after you were born, which would you pick?
Before! 60s 60s 60s.



You’ll soon be appearing in The Autopsy of Jane Doe – what murder mystery do you find the most fascinating? 
I “NO!”-ed aloud countless times watching The Jinx. It is bonafide chilling what unfurls in that bizarre story…

If you could pick someone from history to give you lessons in one particular subject or activity, whom would you pick and what would you have them teach you?
I’d have Gene Kelly teach me to tap dance. Or Amelia Earhart teach me to fly.

What job in show business do you think you’d be the worst at?
Emptying the portaloo cabins.

If you could pick any artist to cover any song, who would you pick and what would they cover?
Okay. This is the toughest.
Parliament to cover Miss You by The Rolling Stones.

What film are you most excited to watch that you haven’t seen yet?
I’m always excited to see the new Wes Anderson extravaganza. It’s such imaginative, playful filmmaking.

In Hooten & The Lady, your character travels the world looking for treasure. If you were to draft up a scavenger hunt that involves at least 5 places you’ve filmed in on any project, where would be on the list?
Cambodia for the sheer beauty and magic of the place.
New York because it never fails to deliver and for all the characters you’d encounter.
Rural Canada for orienteering by kayak and the sheer adrenaline from bolting about on their lightning-quick horses.
Russia because of the palpable sense of mystery.
The Inner & Outer Hebrides for the feeling you’re roaming Middle Earth.

Want more? Watch our behind-the-scenes film.

Ophelia Lovibond can be seen in Hooten & The Lady on Sky 1 (UK). She also appears in The Libertine at Theatre Royal Haymarket, London until December 3.

As told to Paul Vaughan for TPJ
Creative Director & Photographer: Jessie Craig
Stylist: Harriet Byczok
Hair: Fabio Nogueira
Makeup: Rebecca Richards using Murad skincare & Delilah cosmetics


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