Amy Wren

Top by CHANEL. Jeans by MSGM.

You recently played a lead in the TV series Tutankhamun. If you could pick any one aspect of ancient history/ culture/ lore to know everything about, what or who would you pick?
I was obsessed with Greek gods and goddesses when I was at school, but can’t really remember any of it now. So I would choose that to be my fountain of knowledge.

What is something you would only do in preparation for a scene that you would never do in your personal life?
It makes me laugh now when I think about it but when you have a crying scene you literally sit for like 20 minutes listening to sad music and thinking of the most horrific things that could happen to you or people you love in the hope it will make you cry! In real life I would avoid anything like this at all costs!

If you could pick any two characters from cinema or TV to be your ‘good influence’ friend and your ‘bad influence’ friend, who would you pick?
Good influence: Jack Bauer – He kicks ass 24/7
Bad influence: David Brent – I love him too much that I think he would bring out a side of me that is always best hidden!

What is the best and worst part about where you currently live?
Best part: I have four pubs near to me and all of them have a pub quiz on every week. They are starting to use the same questions in each one, so technically I’m not cheating we are just getting very good at remembering the answers.
Worst part: No one picks up their dog poo! Like literally no-one.

What is something you learnt how to do, or, you were emboldened to try, from watching a film?
I love the films Rust and Bone and Tell No One, both of which are French films. I actually downloaded the language app after watching both, in the hope I would one day be able to watch without subtitles…. still a work in progress.

(L) Shirt by MSGM. (R) Jumpsuit by BELSTAFF.

What is your least favorite small-talk’ism?
Football is one that I always get asked about because I am from Leicester (and if you didn’t know we are the champions!!). But I actually don’t know enough about the team, so we start off very excited but normally run dry half way through.

When in your life have you been incredibly overqualified or under-qualified for a task/ question/ request?
When I first moved to London I went for a job interview as a shop assistant, and somehow they got my details mixed up with a different girl applying and they actually gave me the job as their chief buyer. I didn’t know it was a mistake to start with so I just bluffed my way through the job for a week, until I realised there had been a massive mistake. It was very embarassing when I had to tell them I wasn’t who they thought I was and then I had to explain why I had pretended I could do the job.

How do you celebrate when something goes your way?
I ring my mum and then a night out on rum and Coke sounds about right 🙂

Who had the biggest influence on your taste in films?
My parents used to run a DVD rental shop when I was growing up. So I was very lucky! I got to watch every movie for free, me and my brother worked there so I watched all types of films.

What is a song or film that used to be a guilty pleasure but you now have no qualms praising?
Magic Mike is a great guilty pleasure… not sure I ever had qualms about that though!

What is a piece of, or moment in, pop culture that you lived through yet failed to make any impression on you whatsoever?
I think the Gangnam song was a massive moment in a lot of people’s lives ha!! I missed this completely somehow (not that I’m complaining).

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Amy Wren can be seen in ITV’s Tutankhamun, now available on box set (UK).

As told to Paul Vaughan for TPJ
Creative Director & Photographer: Jessie Craig
Stylist: Francesca Turner
Hair: Yusuke Morioka using Bumble and bumble
Makeup: Nicola Moores-Brittin

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