Rosie Day

Dress by TOPSHOP. Jacket by VILSHENKO. Shoes by KURT GEIGER.

What is a moment you’d like to relive?
There are so many. I’m in my head a lot so I like to relive memories. The 3 months I spent in Rome with Sarah Jessica Parker were truly magical, the time I spent in Barcelona with my own American girl gang was really special, my family’s reactions to me telling them anything exciting is hilarious. Every moment where I laughed so hard I couldn’t breathe.

What is a moment you can’t remember but you’d like to?
My biggest talent/ downfall is I have an insane memory. I can literally remember conversations I had when I was 8 word for word. But when I see my mum with little children and babies, she’s so amazing with them, that must have been what she was like with me.

If you could live in any fictional literary or film world for a week which would you choose?
The film, Suffragette. I’d love to be fighting for the vote with all those incredible women. (And Harry Potter because WHO DOESN’T WANT TO BE MAGIC)

What was your very first email account?
I can’t tell you because I still use it now! People have been telling me to get grown up one for years now to which I flat out refuse!

What is the oldest scene you can still remember the words to from a project in which you played a role? 
“What you have to learn is that half of what you earn, comes to me” – I used to do a kids show when I was 9/ 10 called Bernard’s Watch and I was the naughty girl causing all the trouble!

(L) Dress by OSMAN. Jacket by TOPSHOP. (R) Dress by TOPSHOP. Jacket by NADYA SHAH.

What is perceived as a chore but you actually enjoy doing? 
Cleaning bathrooms! I love the sound sponges make! (Weird right?)

Not counting food or services – what do you think you’ve paid for more times than anything else? 
Discounting the huge amount of money I’ve spent on cake and coffee, probably headphones! I think I have a demon in my bag that eats them. And tangles them.

What do you wish you understood?
Life as a whole. The point of it. People. Unkindness. Also French. And Derren Brown.

What is a pervasive element of cinema that you wish would disappear or diminish?
RUSTLING SWEETS, the lack of money for British independent cinema, we need to start putting our weight behind our own stories. Also the lack of female directors, which is appalling.

What is an aspect of cinema that has faded out that you wish would return?
Big tap dancing numbers. Can’t get enough of them.

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Rosie Day can be seen in Living the Dream from 2 November on Sky1 (UK).

As told to Paul Vaughan for TPJ
Creative Director & Photographer: Jessie Craig
Stylist: Holly Ounstead
Hair: Fabio Norgueira
Makeup: Gigi Hammond


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